Our company headquarter are in Lima, Peru, with outstanding 

experience in international trade. 

We are a team of marketing and sales executives with careers built at world-class organizations and previous experience launching businesses and selling products to many countries.

We develop unique and sustainable partnerships with manufacturers and 

distribution channels worldwide.

We manage the export logistics ensuring an efficient introduction of the products to world market.


We are exporter of high quality products like woods like hardwoods & 

softwoods in blocks, cants, logs, flooring, planks, slabs, strips & decking.


foods like yellow corn, frozen avocados, fresh bananas cavendish, 

cocoa beans, cocoa butter, cocoa liquor, cocoa nibs, pineapples, 

organics like coffee, cocoa, quinoa, maca, etc.

and frozen seafood: Anchovies, bonito, austral hake, crab, gayi hake, 

giant squid, flying fish, roe, mackerel, salmon, scallops, shrimps, 

swordfish, bigeye tuna, tilapia, yellowfin tuna, 

animal feed like fish meal, soybean meal, and squid meal.  


wet blue cow hides and donkey hides.

    minerals like  anthracite coal, petcoke, steam coal and gilsonite

We work with four groups: FOODS, MINERALS, REAL ESTATE and WOODS.

We are working with enterprises of our country Peru and Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, etc., that produced such products of high quality, and we also manufacture some of these products that we export directly.

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